What is between you and the horse….

….actually matters. Yes yes yes, I learned the lesson that a saddle that fits the horse still doesn’t fit if it’s dismal for the rider in Tevis 2013 when I DNF’ed due to rubbing a hole the size of my palm in my horses back… …because I had to hold myself up in the saddle […] more

July 2017 IRL

I’m distracted and a little overwhelmed so by necessity this is going to be short and sweet . But, since this too is the drudgery of ultra running and endurance over time, it feels unfair to skip the post just because it’s inconvenient. Running 80.3 miles total Tahoe 50 mile race 4 easy runs 4 […] more

Mel’s Guide to Change

How well do you handle change? I find it easier with practice. Nowadays I’m less┬áparalyzed in an unsuitable situation, unable to leap off the cliff into the unknown until pushed. When considering the types of life change generally considered “the biggest” such as marriage, having a kid, and career changes, I think career changes are […] more

Tahoe Rim 50 mile run

Three weeks ago I got an email letting me know that after MONTHS of being #14 on the wait list, I had a spot in the Tahoe 50 mile trail run if I wanted it. HELLZ YES!!!!!!! Because getting into a bucket race 3 weeks prior gives me plenty of time to train, acclimate to […] more

There’s a Massacre in my future

…And I’m not talking about the outcome of this weekend’s race at Tahoe. For the love of everything KEEP ME OFF OF ULTRASIGNUP. Around the time that I got off the wait list for the Tahoe 50 mile run….my slippery fingers went “oops” while accepting Tahoe’s event offer and I signed up for something I […] more

Farley Hoof update

                                        Hind shoes go on this afternoon. Right now it’s a waiting game of when the site will re-epithelialize and “harden” up. Then she can go back to work! more

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