Link Luv Dec 2016

link luv

Rider Warehouse gift card giveaway! Love Link Luv? Did you know I usually post links just like this on my facebook page daily? One more article that talks about how important the BRAIN is in endurance sports. In horses AND in running. When your horse is running out of gas and yet you’re piling more and […] more


IRL November 2016

Oh boy oh boy OH BOY. Finally a look at a month where stuff HAPPENED. Let’s start with running. Running I RAN 100 MILES!!!!!! But what else did I do? 9.5 miles 3 days prior to the 100 mile race 2 weeks of complete rest where I did not run or cross train 2 runs […] more


Keep it simple

When I’ve vetted rides it is hard not to notice that the riders with the most simple tack set ups without a million things hanging off of them, their horse, and their saddle are the most relaxed riders who seem to be enjoying the ride the most. It was part of some key 100 mile […] more

Day 8

Happy Partnership Day Farley!

Today I had a couple hours in the morning so I stuck Farley in the trailer and took off for the very first time in my new trailer. WOOT.  On the way there I realized it was the day before Thanksgiving…..which meant it was the NINE year anniversary of riding trails behind these ears. Happy Partnership Day […] more

Day 5


MerryLegs is gorgeous. Tall. Elegant. Someday I’ll have a picture to prove that. I decided to turn her out in the arena to run around and blow off some steam. It’s been *ages* since she was out, something I was reminded of when she acted like everything between the paddock and the arena was new. […] more


More 100 mile questions

I KNOW I promised to stop with the “I ran 100 miles and can’t stop talking about it” posts. But you guys are asking REALLY good questions and I can’t help myself. To make up for it, here’s a bonus creepy horse selfie from my #100daysofhorses challenge. Day 4: Bibs, chips, and mats (Or, why […] more

Day 3

100 Days of Horses

I’ve been struggling with how to fit riding and horses into my life for the last year. Every time I’ve made a major life change a year passes before I get everything settled and learn new hacks to get done what is important to *me* – like running, riding, writing, and music – in that stage […] more

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