Not-a-Gift Guide


Instead of scouring the internet for more useful crap to put into a gift guide post, I’m taking a bit of my own advice about keeping it simple and doing something different this year. This is a list of products I’ve bought this year either for the first time or as replacements. These are the work […] more


50 things to know before your first 50 mile endurance ride

Fifty miles involves a little more homework and preparation than an LD, but it’s worth it. Here we covered the 25 things you needed to know before doing your first LD ride. Now here’s 25 more things to get you to your first 50 miles. 26. Different regions have different “norms”. When traveling outside your […] more


Lottery Luck

Rumor has it that if you wear your belt buckle on the Friday before the big lottery it brings you a little luck.   By TODAY at 11:30am we’ll know whether I beat the odds and got into Western States with a record number of entries, or if I get to share my back up plan […] more


Trailer DIY: Lights

Lights. Own a trailer and I can promise you will have to deal with lights sooner or later. Or at least I do. Some people apparently don’t feel the need to engage in such trivial activities. I once followed another endurance rider out of ride camp after dark and *all* their trailer lights were out. No […] more

link luv

Link Luv Dec 2016

Rider Warehouse gift card giveaway! Love Link Luv? Did you know I usually post links just like this on my facebook page daily? One more article that talks about how important the BRAIN is in endurance sports. In horses AND in running. When your horse is running out of gas and yet you’re piling more and […] more


IRL November 2016

Oh boy oh boy OH BOY. Finally a look at a month where stuff HAPPENED. Let’s start with running. Running I RAN 100 MILES!!!!!! But what else did I do? 9.5 miles 3 days prior to the 100 mile race 2 weeks of complete rest where I did not run or cross train 2 runs […] more


Keep it simple

When I’ve vetted rides it is hard not to notice that the riders with the most simple tack set ups without a million things hanging off of them, their horse, and their saddle are the most relaxed riders who seem to be enjoying the ride the most. It was part of some key 100 mile […] more

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