How to Back a Trailer


Backing a trailer is an essential skill as I was reminded over and over and OVER this year. Whether you have to put your trailer into a back-in only angled parking spot at the barn, make a “U” turn at a T intersection, navigate a tight ride camp, or turn around in your best friends […] more

Day 54

Final 100 days of horses

I decided to end my 100 days of horses challenge on the first day of Spring.  My personal 100 days of horses challenge started in mid-November. One-hundred-twenty-three days in all, and in the end 60 of those days had horses. This challenge encompassed the third of a year most difficult for me and I managed to […] more

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Parking Lot Ride

A post shared by Mel Newton (@drmelnewton) on Mar 21, 2017 at 4:20pm PDT Not going to lie, riding the 18 year-old in endless circles around the parking lot was not how I envisioned my first day of spring ride. Epic spring rains followed by epic sunny skies made for a muddy horse that was […] more

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Endurance on a Budget

I haven’t been motivated to blog recently. I watch topics come and go in my editorial journal and tell myself I’ll get back to them when I quit feeling so tired and hermit-ish. Life is mentally stressful right now but the good news is that I *am* running and riding and getting plenty of trail […] more

Day 9

Monday Media Q: Eating under Saddle

Here’s this week’s Monday Media Feature: “I’m wondering how you go about training your horse to eat on the trail only when you say it’s OK. I heard that when training an endurance horse, you should encourage it to eat, but now I’ve got a little guy who nose dives whenever we’re going slow and […] more


Just one more thing

Let me tell you the difference between running/blogging/riding prior to having a kid-let and after. It’s not the amount of time or energy I have. It’s how much closer I am to that “one last thing” that results in me getting nothing done. Anything that happens out of the ordinary pushes me back to the […] more


Feb 2017 IRL

Except for Black Canyon, I feel like February was a complete waste of my time (except some how I’m still going to manage to write 1600 words about it…). Being evacuated, evacuating Farley, a 10 day rest period after Black Canyon, it rained all the time, and a surprise 5-figure tax bill. Go ahead, ask me […] more

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