Dear Fellow Back-of-the-packer

Dear Fellow Back-of-the-packer, You and I get to hang out at every ultra. Sometimes I find out that you are there because you are battling injuries, or because you have an awesome streak going and this is your 100th 100 miler in 100 weekends (I made that up). Or sometimes you are just like me […] more

Not a born horse lover

I wanted to ride the pony. Problem, they were playing polo in the arena. It was the night that Matt flies and so Fig was along for the metaphorical ride (but as we will see, not at all game for an actual one). On Daddy-flying nights the most efficient way to ride is to plunk […] more

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Trail Master List

Current Post Listings Part 1 Part 2 Grouped by region East of Marysville HWY 20 South Yuba State Park (running: poppy pass or fee) – part 1 Cascade Canal Trail (running: free parking) – part 2 Empire Mine (running, riding: free parking) – part 2 Yuba City Shanghai Bend (running: free parking) – part 1 […] more

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Trail Guide part 2

Trails featured in this post: Magnolia/Cronan on HWY 49 near Cool Driver’s Flat near Foresthill Sutter Bike Trail, Yuba City Cache creek trail heads – Judge Davis, Cowboy Camp, High Bridge Cascade Canal Trail, Grass Valley/Nevada City Empire Mine, Grass Valley In case you missed it, here’s part 1 with all the “use at your […] more

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Trail Guide part 1

Trails featured in this post: Shanghai Bend, Yuba City Feather Falls South Yuba State Park, near Penn Valley Do you live near me in Northern CA? Are you trying to figure out where the best trails are to get training miles in? These posts are going to bore the hell out of anyone not in […] more

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April IRL 2016

Most important lessons learned this month. 1. The simple trick to getting conditioning miles done If I have time to squeeze in a run or run….DO IT NOW, don’t put it off. Don’t give up a 30 min run (or ride) now in favor of a planned 1 hour (or more) session tomorrow. Just go running. Because […] more


Trailer tack room organization

The most important part of this post is where you don’t laugh at my “ingenuity” – i.e. red-neck git’er done technique – of creating horse trailer organization. I haven’t yet summoned up the courage to show my husband. Several months ago he replaced the flooring in the tack room – pulled up the old carpet, carefully scraped […] more

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