Nick’s story – Poison Hay Disaster of 2015

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For this Media Monday instead of a question I’m sharing the story (with permission) from long-time endurance rider Nick that he posted on Facebook. I had the privilege of meeting and riding with Nick during my first endurance seasons and I respect and admire the compassion he has for his horses and still remember the […] more

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Postcard from Mare Camp

  Meanwhile…..The weather has been AWFUL down in the valley for me and trail time has been hard to come by. I felt like I was going into literal withdrawals without the trail time. Cranky, b*tchy, manic, depressed, annoyed and contemplating murder for the smallest of (perceived) infractions. I was so grateful I squeezed in […] more


MerryLegs goes to Mare Camp

…and loads in a trailer with Mel solo, AND wears a blanket. Read all about it plus more! She’s a true rockstar and after she blanketed perfectly on Wednesday I decided that the trailering on Saturday wasn’t going to be a big deal and if it was it was *me* not her that was the […] more


Monday Media Q: 50 or LD first?

Sometimes I see a great question on social media that already has so many responses that I feel like adding my voice to the thread isn’t worth it, or I have so much to say that it doesn’t fit into a comment. For those questions that I think are especially interesting or important, I’m going […] more


Almost-Disaster Trailer Lesson

When I told my friend what had happened, her reply was “JFK. There it is, my worst nightmare.” That sums up the incident perfectly, except by sheer luck everything turned out just fine and we can all learn a lesson without a huge tragedy. On Saturday morning I pulled into the Aurora‘s driveway to drop […] more


Snow lessons from a Newbie

Living in the California Valley I don’t run in snow much. And by “much”, I mean never. With a new position in Grass Valley, about 2,000 feet up the hill and out of the valley I have access to trails several week without making a special trip. I’m very motivated to get a run in […] more

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