A guide to ID’ing the sisters

5 easy steps to telling the sisters apart. Does it look like a Giraffe when it moves? While ML is blessed with a natural uphill movement, Farley prefers the inverted dramatic look at liberty. 2. Does it look like it got in the way of a paint sprayer? I am SHOCKED at how many people […] more

Universe versus Mel

Let me tell you about how the universe took my weak-human plans and mopped the floor with me yesterday. As part of my new “improved winter mental health plan” about two months ago I sat down with my clinics and planned mid-week days off  November through the end of February. Approximately every other Thursday I […] more

Fall 2017 IRL

Fall is when the colors on the trail are my favorite, the long stretches of 100 degree days back to back are mostly over, and you get a rain shower or two but nothing that interferes with footing on the trail (usually). It’s the perfect time for birdwatching, long runs and rides, kayaking, camping, and […] more

Farley’s Retirement

This season I made a decision to offer MerryLegs the chance to be my primary horse and semi-retire Farley. It’s a lot less tramatic to make this transition because of choice of everyone involved instead of a traumatic sudden death. Farley is sound (!) and she may do an LD this winter. MerryLegs is young […] more

Surgery Stuff

Are you curious what difference age makes when spaying a dog? Warning, *graphic surgery images below. *By graphic I mean that yes there is blood. And surgery instruments. And a piece of tissue (a uterus) that used to be inside the dog that is no longer inside the dog. There is NOT gaping wounds, anything […] more

Seasons and Off-Seasons

I live in California. I’ve come to equate this with: I can do whatever I want  year-round because I’ve been told California doesn’t really have seasons.  Unfortunately this isn’t true. The ostrich strategy of putting my head down, ignoring mother nature, and powering through the winter has not worked a single year. It works for […] more

6 questions to ask before buying tack

It’s a well-known fact that the sport of endurance is an exercise in buying tack, figuring out why you hate it, and buying more tack. It’s complicated to find the perfect gear at the point where two biological organisms merge so is it any wonder we have the “great saddle” hunt, a boxful of bits, […] more

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