Trailer tack room organization


The most important part of this post is where you don’t laugh at my “ingenuity” – i.e. red-neck git’er done technique – of creating horse trailer organization. I haven’t yet summoned up the courage to show my husband. Several months ago he replaced the flooring in the tack room – pulled up the old carpet, carefully scraped […] more


Writers Block

It’s been too long since I posted something and I have all these GREAT half finished posts and ideas…but I just don’t have anything to write about. I sit down in the mornings with my cup of coffee and half start a bunch of posts and…… That happens. Did you catch that? That’s where I […] more

An Honest Assessment

When it’s raining (again) and you can’t get on the trails, there are two choices: eat brownies or think too hard about what is a very simple sport (get on trail, go far). I’ve written about conditioning plans and why it’s so essential to not blindly follow a generic x weeks to get to x […] more


ML’s first conditioning ride

On Tuesday the stars aligned and I had a day off work AND sunny skies. I decided to take ML out for a trail excursion about 1 hour from home. Logically there was a ton of stuff I could have still done at home to prep. I had never ridden her outside of an arena. I had […] more


March 2017 IRL

It’s time for an In Real Life post! Where I share with you my training and goals as the months go by “in real time” so my Dear Reader can see for themselves that training for 50 or 100 miles isn’t insane – it’s a bunch of small things that add up, and yes it’s totally […] more


How to Back a Trailer

Backing a trailer is an essential skill as I was reminded over and over and OVER this year. Whether you have to put your trailer into a back-in only angled parking spot at the barn, make a “U” turn at a T intersection, navigate a tight ride camp, or turn around in your best friends […] more

Day 54

Final 100 days of horses

I decided to end my 100 days of horses challenge on the first day of Spring.  My personal 100 days of horses challenge started in mid-November. One-hundred-twenty-three days in all, and in the end 60 of those days had horses. This challenge encompassed the third of a year most difficult for me and I managed to […] more

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