Postcards from the vet – sedated dental exams

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      I am so blessed to be able to sedate my horses on a whim and evaluate their teeth. Regular dental evaluations are one of the biggest things I can do to make sure Farley stays healthy into her 20s and 30s. Farley has a “wave” mouth, which can be managed but rarely […] more


Pet vs. Partner

MerryLegs is very much a pet. This is the sort of picture that you will get from Merrylegs. The only reason it’s not just her nose in the picture is that there is a fence between you and her. “In your pocket” has been her MO since day one.  Here’s the pics and announcement from the […] more

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Nick’s story – Poison Hay Disaster of 2015

For this Media Monday instead of a question I’m sharing the story (with permission) from long-time endurance rider Nick that he posted on Facebook. I had the privilege of meeting and riding with Nick during my first endurance seasons and I respect and admire the compassion he has for his horses and still remember the […] more

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Postcard from Mare Camp

  Meanwhile…..The weather has been AWFUL down in the valley for me and trail time has been hard to come by. I felt like I was going into literal withdrawals without the trail time. Cranky, b*tchy, manic, depressed, annoyed and contemplating murder for the smallest of (perceived) infractions. I was so grateful I squeezed in […] more


MerryLegs goes to Mare Camp

…and loads in a trailer with Mel solo, AND wears a blanket. Read all about it plus more! She’s a true rockstar and after she blanketed perfectly on Wednesday I decided that the trailering on Saturday wasn’t going to be a big deal and if it was it was *me* not her that was the […] more

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