Universe vs. Mel part 2

Thursday was once again a scheduled Mel Holiday. Bearing in mind the tragedy of my last scheduled holiday, I wasn’t that surprised to see some sort of something parked in front of my trailer. Never mind that I’ve NEVER gotten to the stable only to have my trailer blocked in by something in the many […] more

Farley’s hoof – 5 month update

  Five months later and Farley’s hoof’s fragment has almost grown out to the ground surface. Even better news is something none of us expected. No scar in the cornet band – it’s totally intact, which means no scar on the hoof!!!!!!! All that new growing hoof is totally in line and connected to the […] more

A Decade of Farley

Thanks for the years Farley. I’m lucky to have you. The amazing thing is you are exactly the right horse whether I’m single and in my 20’s, or in my 30’s and married with a kid. How many other things can I say that about? May you live another 10 years in comfort and peace […] more

Pyramid of Running

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to get the image of a running pyramid out of my head.  I finally sat down and drew it out. It wasn’t a surprise that sleep is the foundation of the pyramid. For me, nothing happens without enough sleep. It’s also the reason I have […] more

Why I didn’t run this week…

…and I won’t be running next week either. And probably not the week after either. Sunday mornings from whatever time I drag myself out of bed until noon are MINE. Enough time to hit the trails for a long run, a trailering out adventure, a group run, or maybe even a local race that is […] more

A guide to ID’ing the sisters

5 easy steps to telling the sisters apart. Does it look like a Giraffe when it moves? While ML is blessed with a natural uphill movement, Farley prefers the inverted dramatic look at liberty. 2. Does it look like it got in the way of a paint sprayer? I am SHOCKED at how many people […] more

Universe versus Mel

Let me tell you about how the universe took my weak-human plans and mopped the floor with me yesterday. As part of my new “improved winter mental health plan” about two months ago I sat down with my clinics and planned mid-week days off  November through the end of February. Approximately every other Thursday I […] more

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