Logically it doesn’t take me forty min to change a tire, even a back tire. But faced with a *completely flat rear tire on the way to staging area to start the race my squirrel brain short-circuited and I froze.  “Whelp, there goes my 40 minute race, I’ll never get a tire changed in time,” even […] more

Adrenaline junkie

I’ve realized the thing that connects all the enduring passions in my life. Running, riding, and music. As much as I hate Hate HATE the panic and feeling like a broken melted worthless puddle of goo when it goes too far… I’m in it for the highs that come from pushing it almost too far. […] more

Press Record

Test anxiety? Nah. Not me. Tests are merely tools to prove what I know and of course, level up. cha-ching!  Long before gamifying was a “thing” my brain had decided that school and tests were the ultimate “check the box and upgrade my avatar” activity. The test and the school work didn’t need to be […] more

Best 100 mile advice (equine)

Once you get to the 100 mile distance there are no magic bullet-point lists to get you through your first 100 mile ride. Instead, getting advice from as many experienced people as possible and trying a little of “this” and a little of “that” is the recipe to a completion. Many years ago before facebook […] more

From the Files: One last look at being a vet student

When I was a vet student (mostly in my clinical year) I kept a notes on things for the blog – some of which I published immediately, and some that I knew I wanted to remember for “someday” but it wasn’t the right time to put up on the blog. Now, eight years out I’m […] more

The heart of the horse part 2

Find Part 1 here Turns out that the bots really hate <3 in the title…so my cutesy “The <3 of the horse” didn’t show up in part 1, so I guess I’lll dump the cutesy emoticon title and just use words. sigh. Why should you spend the money to get a cardio consult and go beyond […] more

Hitting the snooze button

The snooze button on my running is usually about 2 years. This is the third time I’ve taken a significant running break. I keep wondering: Do I miss running, or do I miss the person I was when I was running?  I think some of the nostalgia about hobbies that you have done in the past […] more

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