Fall River Century

I recently did the Fall River Century. When I started this post it was “yesterday I…”. Then “last weekend I…” At this point we will settle on “recently” as I have been drowning in work shifts and thwarted by stupid word press problems and just now getting this published. So anyways. In the not so […] more

Mel tries a new thing

On Saturday I sorta kinda did my first triathlon. Except it was virtual. And with the shut-downs a swim wasn’t an option so it was a run-bike-run event. It also is nowhere near official even for a virtual race because there’s no GPS tracks because my GPS was taking forever to get a fix outside […] more

The Next Right Thing

Life likes to give me sabbaticals. Not the highly anticipated (and planned) I’m-getting-this-puppy-from-a-breeder-and-been-on-the-list-for-a-year type of sabbatical. Nope, they’re never of my choosing – an injury that sidelines me, or a medical diagnosis requiring treatment out-of-town. My sabbaticals are the skunk-sprayed, furry stray dog version that initially have you holding your nose and backing away…but, I’m […] more

Rocky Raccoon Nailed It, Failed It

I finish some races and have the story fully formed. Others, the lessons learned are the dominant force. This race was the latter. As a reminder, these are the more technical posts for the events – the how’s and why’s. They are reminders for me when I do future races, and perhaps nuggets of insights […] more

The truth about Rider Fit

Endurance Horse Podcast asked me to do a short piece on endurance riding and rider fitness. This blog post is meant as a companion to *my words in the podcast episode “Rider Health – Part 2.” Check it out, and if you found your way here through the podcast, welcome.  *I always always ALWAYS feel […] more

Rocky Raccoon 100 mile 2020

They gave me a 100k buckle.  Nope. That’s not how this post is going to start. let’s try again. I earned a 100k buckle.  How was that? Better? Now you know everything you need to know about the race last weekend. It means I both won and I failed, and that’s exactly what running an […] more

Don’t Be a Troll – Part 2

There’s homework for this post. Go read Mugwumps blog post “Don’t Should On Me,” and then run (quick quick!) over to Anna Blake’s blog and read “Free Advice: Everybody’s a Trainer.” Done? Think back to your last interaction in the horse world, whether that was a facebook group, show, ride, or barn evening. It doesn’t […] more

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