Service announcement

The wordpress update did something interesting to some elements on this site. So much fun. May take a couple of days to put it all back together again. So, if things aren’t where you expect or links don’t work, that’s why. I’ll fix stuff as quickly as I can. Thanks for your patience! more

Putting Together the Team

It’s really hard to ask for help. I try to avoid it at all costs. Let’s talk about the Rio 100 mile race. The first year I had a crew person and multiple pacers. I finished!…..and I drove myself home. (Bad Mel!) The second year I had a crew person and no pacers. I did […] more

Are your safety chains the right length?

Fun fact about my boat trailer. The click-y thing on top of the hitch that locks the collar around the ball on my hitch can be down, pinned, and the mechanism inside the hitch can still be partially open. Which I discovered while traveling at 55 mph downhill yesterday. After sitting on the side of the […] more

The writing and the vetting part

I’m writing a LOT. “Where?!” you might say, looking at the lack of blog posts, facebook happenings, and any other proof that words are flowing from these fingers. Turns out that writing anything other than blog posts requires some patience. I’m so used to the instant gratification of PEOPLE TELLING ME THEY  LOVED IT NOW […] more

The riding part

The riding part of my life has been a small part indeed. It’s cliche but it seems like life conspires to keep me off of horseback lately. It doesn’t help that I never quite figured out what horses look like in my life post graduation. Yes, graduation. That thing that happened over four years ago. […] more

The running part

Some day I’ll look back through these posts and pat Past-Mel on the back for these times. The times that my brain did it best to convince me that another afternoon of napping on the couch and reading ebooks really was in my best interest. While the “Reading, sleeping, eating veterinarian” has a certain ring […] more

This happened, and then that, and now here we are

Please note: There is some bad words in this post. It’s because bad things happened. Perhaps you are a person of grace and dignity when everything goes to hell. I, apparently, am not. Feel free to skip this one if that sort of thing bothers you, and if you just must unsubscribe to posts because […] more

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