A birthday chicken recipe

In the spirit of the day I’m going to share with you a chicken recipe I’ve been making the last couple of months. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s delicious, and it’s unfussy. It’s good enough for company, cheap enough for the tight weeks, and perfect for when your sink if full of dishes and you […] more

How to stay out of the (animal) ER on Xmas

…Or really, any holiday. Keep the treats out of reach. Chocolate, raisins, alcohol, edibles. These may be the shining stars of the season for however you choose to celebrate the holidays, but they are not going to end well for Fido and Fluffy. I know it’s busy and stressful. This is the time of year […] more

The Birthday Plan

Birthdays are weird. I get the excitement of the first couple of birthdays. Hooray! You beat the infant mortality statistic that up until the modern age would have resulted in an early and probable nasty death. Congratulations! You are now an adult at whatever coming-of-age cultural ceremony floats your boat. But now, in the no-man’s […] more

Not a gift guide 2021

Welcome to year 6 of the Not-a-gift-guide, 2021 edition. I looked at last year’s guide for 2020, and I feel like I wrote that post yesterday. I could just republish that post right now and be satisfied with everything on the list. Like, did 2021 even exist after 2020?????? I don’t believe you and your […] more

2021 Book List

Edited 12/27/21. I forgot a FIVE STAR book on the list!!!!! Apparently I forgot to write it down in the bullet journal list, and when I rated in goodreads I didn’t record a date read, so when I was scanning over books this year, it got missed.  2021 was not a good year for reading. […] more

A game pony

MerryLegs is unlike any other horse I’ve ever owned or ridden. You know all that “passion for the job, united in purpose” blah blah blah that was in the last post? That’s not MerryLegs. MerryLegs is the golden retriever who would like to invite herself to all your picnics and also hangout on your couch […] more

For the love of the Horse or the Sport?

Let me tell you what it’s like to *play polo. *As someone that plays very badly but has been lent an excellent polo pony to play for the night. But it’s OK that I play like a rated minus 10 player, because I’ve been doing this for less than 4 weeks. How do I know it […] more

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