Nailed it, Failed it Yuba Gold Edition

Nailed it failed it…but without the cakes or Nicole. Let’s do my favorite post-event analysis. Choose the three best and worst things so that (theoretically) lessons are learned and stupidity is not repeated. Nailed it Electrolytes …I think? Basically I took as many as I felt like I needed, as often as I thought I […] more

So you wanna run an ultra?

Except the people this post is directed to (who probably don’t even read this blog) don’t actually want to run an ultra. They just want to discuss how it can’t be that hard because at the paces most of the back-third of the pack is posting, we are just “walking.” Oh don’t worry. It’s not […] more

“Lost AF in the forest” aka Yuba Gold 50k

Seven runners get into a shuttle van to get to a race start. How do you tell whether they are road or trail runners? Answer: Unwrap a McMuffin. I went from being embarrassed that yours truly was going to chow down on a McMuffin 45 minutes before race start, to thinking I was going to […] more

Book Release – Go Ride Far

In July I started this little project that I thought would take a month. It’s been THREE MONTHS. It sounds easy. Take some of my best posts, organize around a theme, edit them into some semblance of correctness, and publish! How hard can it possibly be? There are 1660+ posts on this blog. I needed […] more

Putting Together the Team

It’s really hard to ask for help. I try to avoid it at all costs. Let’s talk about the Rio 100 mile race. The first year I had a crew person and multiple pacers. I finished!…..and I drove myself home. (Bad Mel!) The second year I had a crew person and no pacers. I did […] more

Are your safety chains the right length?

Fun fact about my boat trailer. The click-y thing on top of the hitch that locks the collar around the ball on my hitch can be down, pinned, and the mechanism inside the hitch can still be partially open. Which I discovered while traveling at 55 mph downhill yesterday. After sitting on the side of the […] more

The writing and the vetting part

I’m writing a LOT. “Where?!” you might say, looking at the lack of blog posts, facebook happenings, and any other proof that words are flowing from these fingers. Turns out that writing anything other than blog posts requires some patience. I’m so used to the instant gratification of PEOPLE TELLING ME THEY  LOVED IT NOW […] more

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