This happened, and then that, and now here we are

Please note: There is some bad words in this post. It’s because bad things happened. Perhaps you are a person of grace and dignity when everything goes to hell. I, apparently, am not. Feel free to skip this one if that sort of thing bothers you, and if you just must unsubscribe to posts because […] more

Nailed It, Failed It: Loco Edition

Three things I nailed, three things I failed. Every race, every time. (BTW if I could only give you one piece of advice, I’d tell you to do the same thing.) Nailed it! I carried a jacket after dark FINALLY. I was sure I didn’t need a jacket leaving out of the aid station into […] more

“That race I registered for that I forgot about” aka Loco 100k 2019

Dr. Foster went to Gloucester Loco, In a shower of rain;  He stepped in a puddle, Right up to his middle, And never went there again.  ….Except fortunately Dr. Mel is made of sterner stuff and DID go Loco again. Loco is one of my favorite courses. There’s a really fun single track in the […] more

Quicksilver 2019 3×3

Lessons learned or not, successes even in the face in failure, and what the future holds…sounds like another 3×3 post! The Good Shoes I may have found my new ultra shoe in the Topo Ultraventure. My initial impression was panic. As in, “Oh no, these aren’t going to work at ALL. What the heck was […] more

Quicksilver 100k 2019

…was not such a quick race. But, rather than Quicksilver exposing how ill-prepared I was, or providing some sort of commentary on whether I have any business toeing the line at an ultra, I think the basic lesson was this: I chose the wrong race.  I think this might be a first. Unlike the DNF’s […] more

Cooling a hot horse

Here’s a highly simplified and barely scientific explanation of why it’s important to cool a hot horse during a vet check at an endurance ride. It boils down to this simple concept: Blood has lots of jobs to do in the horse’s body. Once your horse is standing in the vet check, the blood has […] more

Dragon 2019 3×3

Before I get started with my 3×3 post, I need to give a solid recommendation for SS Mountain Racing, who put on this race with race director Martin. Take a look at their mission statement from their website: “SS Mountain Racing strives to produce low-key trail running events in the Sierra Nevada foothills with affordable […] more

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