Big Breath, Big Weekend

Let’s play a game.  How did Mel break her finger last night? Polo @Club chukkers last night. Doing something super cool like saving a dog from a speeding car. Doing laundry. Hitting my hand with a hammer after assuring Matt I most definitely knew how to use tools and did not need “help.” None of […] more


No sleep ’til! No sleep ’til Brooklyn! Errrrrr…nevermind. Optimism is thinking that scheduling a Tuesday day, Tuesday night, Wednesday day (+polo!), Thursday day shift pattern is going to culminate is anything but me eating cereal on the couch for dinner and then an early bed time.……..zzzzzzzzzzzz more

Polo plays

I’ve decided that if I’m going to write about polo, it’s only fair that I start sharing the most basic types of plays with you…. more

Uh oh

The polo ponies are starting to talk… more

My forever horse

I put 4 days worth of clothes in a bag, downloaded a bunch of audio books, and then I drove for 12 hours.  It was weird and incredibly easy. No creatures with me, 2-legged or 4-legged. No events piggy-backed onto the trip that required preparation or special consideration from me.  Well there was one event […] more

Vetmed is not a magical rainbow pooping unicorn

I feel like I ended my last post on a downer. I try not to do that, but sometimes my fingers just type what they want to. At the end when I stare at what I’ve written, I go back and edit and soften…which I did (really. I did), but I still feel like perhaps […] more

Vet myths

I’m writing a new book!!!! It’s in the early stages and I don’t know *exactly* what form it’s going to take…but it’s vetmed related. So, to celebrate I’m writing a post about the biggest myths I see every day in the clinic. Fleas People are personally offended when I tell them their pet has fleas. […] more

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