A sunday short

We are going to try something. In the philosophy of “throw some stuff against the wall and see what sticks”…we are going to do a Sunday chat here on the blog. I’d like to imagine us sitting in my backyard in a casual get-together, beverage of choice in hand, around the fire pit, chatting about […] more

A Loco nailed it failed it (relay 2021)

I’ve been hooked on the Loco management races from the first race I ever did with them in 2018. They  consistently put on incredibly fun, affordable races that are also deceptively challenging. I feel so lucky that most of their races are less than 2 hours from my house. The races have smaller numbers of […] more

Race report: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait”

I guess I could have called this “Little Loco Solo Relay 2021.” But that title is so boring. Unlike the weather on Saturday. First, a reminder of how we got here. To this very moment I don’t know why I started the race optimistic that it was going to go well. My longest recent long run […] more

The need to not be needed

It’s been eight years since I’ve ridden across the start line of a 100 mile endurance race. When Tevis 2013 ended at 85 miles, I never imagined it would be more than a year or two before I visited Fransico’s in the middle of the night again. I loved the trail, the sport, and had […] more

The Long Run

What is your long run? Not just a long-ish run, but a LONG run. For me that is five hours, or runs longer than 20 miles. It’s where the *magic happens. *Did you know there are whole sections of the population that get no enjoyment out of exercising??????? Like, even if they do it for […] more

ER What to Expect Part 3

When I first started these posts I thought it would be a quick, light-hearted look at behind the curtain of veterinary emergency medicine. Something I’m new at but quickly starting to recognize some patterns in. I’m realizing these posts aren’t going to be that simple. When I go to write about some of the items […] more

ER What to Expect Part 2

If you are just joining us, read the first part for explanations & disclaimers, important & not-so-important notes, and the philosophy of this post (because if you don’t, and you troll this post, don’t come whining to me when I don’t approve your comment.) Last time we covered exotics that are probably going to die, exotics […] more

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