Burning River 100m 2021

A reminder: You have been warned. (also be warned that this post is probably more full of typos and transposition errors than normal. I have ZERO time right now to write and edit anything and it’s a small miracle this is getting written in the first place because of my current schedule. If I have […] more

Off we go to Burning River

I have never felt so unready for a 100 mile race in my life. When I got to 45.5 miles on my pacing chart I realized I couldn’t fathom going further than that. The rest of the pace chart was truly an exercise in abstract thinking. I’ve never done a 100 miler so flat, so […] more

In the Nick of Time

Over time I’ve realized that I’ve accomplish many awesome things in my life not because I chose the perfect time, but because I chose the right time. Getting older has improved as my sense of when the right time is for something…but I also have more patience to wait for that right time when it […] more

The Drop Bag v.2

Short mini posts on whatever…a drop bag of topics that I write during the week and then share. Enjoy! Fig’s riding lessons Fig asked me for riding lessons enough times that she finally convinced me it was her own idea and not something she was doing to please me. Bonnie, my friend, barn owner, FFA […] more

Running through the canyons – Nailed it, failed it

Why hello there. You are…purple. You didn’t look purple in your picture, you looked dark blue. Hey. I know it’s early in our relationship and all, but do you want to run 100 miles with me? The thing is, I have a 100 miler in 7 weeks and the old model has no-showed and I’m […] more

The Drop Bag v. 1

Sunday Shorts???? What was I thinking? That was a stupid name, and has been upgraded to the drop bag, which is a far more fitting for the blog that is mostly about endurance stuff. So, just like last time this is a variety of short topics and going-ons that I want to share. I write […] more

The Reset Button

The coach managed to catch me on one of my low points at a 3 day swim camp last weekend. She gave me the magic button for swimming that I didn’t know I needed. My reset. During a run my reset is walking. When my breathing feels out of control and my brain starts shouting […] more

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