Salmon Falls 1/2 Marathon but first we have to salt the turkey

Ten minutes before I had to leave for my first race in running 4.0, and my first race in 2 years I was salting a turkey. You see, I opened the fridge and saw the turkey, and realized that I had forgotten to salt it in the hustle and bustle of prepping food and calculating […] more

Not a gift guide 2023

You ready for it? For those of you that may be new to these posts, a few reminders. This isn’t a sponsored post. In fact, this blog doesn’t have sponsors. I’m not compensated for clicks, buys, or views. This post isn’t a list of what you should stuff stockings with, or a wish list of […] more

2023 Book List Post

I know lots of you look forward to my yearly book post because when I posted about my favorite pictures of the year, several of you told me “that’s great. But where’s your book post?!” The problem is (and it’s not really a problem is it? ) I’m in the middle of books right now that […] more

Portfolio 2023

This year for my birthday (back in early Jan) I bought myself a camera and I started telling stories in a new way – through photos instead of words. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures of 2023. Some have easter eggs (more on this soon…), some are just the […] more


I know I know….boring announcements. I’ll keep this short and sweet and then we can get back to telling stories and having adventures. Social Media changes I really love surgery. I’m aware that some of you do not. I also know that some of you share my love of the squishy bits and so after […] more


Logically it doesn’t take me forty min to change a tire, even a back tire. But faced with a *completely flat rear tire on the way to staging area to start the race my squirrel brain short-circuited and I froze.  “Whelp, there goes my 40 minute race, I’ll never get a tire changed in time,” even […] more

Adrenaline junkie

I’ve realized the thing that connects all the enduring passions in my life. Running, riding, and music. As much as I hate Hate HATE the panic and feeling like a broken melted worthless puddle of goo when it goes too far… I’m in it for the highs that come from pushing it almost too far. […] more

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