Best 100 mile advice (equine)

Once you get to the 100 mile distance there are no magic bullet-point lists to get you through your first 100 mile ride. Instead, getting advice from as many experienced people as possible and trying a little of “this” and a little of “that” is the recipe to a completion. Many years ago before facebook […] more

From the Files: One last look at being a vet student

When I was a vet student (mostly in my clinical year) I kept a notes on things for the blog – some of which I published immediately, and some that I knew I wanted to remember for “someday” but it wasn’t the right time to put up on the blog. Now, eight years out I’m […] more

The heart of the horse part 2

Find Part 1 here Turns out that the bots really hate <3 in the title…so my cutesy “The <3 of the horse” didn’t show up in part 1, so I guess I’lll dump the cutesy emoticon title and just use words. sigh. Why should you spend the money to get a cardio consult and go beyond […] more

Hitting the snooze button

The snooze button on my running is usually about 2 years. This is the third time I’ve taken a significant running break. I keep wondering: Do I miss running, or do I miss the person I was when I was running?  I think some of the nostalgia about hobbies that you have done in the past […] more

Coolest Ride and Tie 3×3

Guess what? Farley, me, and a friend did a ride and tie last weekend!   Let’s review the preparations leading up to this race, since I haven’t been posting about it on the blog. Oh. That’s because there weren’t any actual preparations. Look. When we decided to do this ride and tie June 3rd seemed […] more

The <3 of a Horse (part 1)

Recently I spent a lot of time writing and explaining horse hearts because of a case I helped with. It seems a shame to let all those words go to waste, so with a few changes and revisions I’ve decided to share a version of all that explaining here on the blog. Interlude: I guess […] more

A job for the robots

On any given ER shift I have large number of dogs that have eaten things they shouldn’t have. In fact, I’m not sure small animal ER would even exist without the hoover capabilities of Fido. Aside from making dogs regret their life decisions and vomiting their ill-gotten gains, or going in surgically and playing the game of […] more

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