The Drop Bag v. 1

Sunday Shorts???? What was I thinking? That was a stupid name, and has been upgraded to the drop bag, which is a far more fitting for the blog that is mostly about endurance stuff. So, just like last time this is a variety of short topics and going-ons that I want to share. I write […] more

The Reset Button

The coach managed to catch me on one of my low points at a 3 day swim camp last weekend. She gave me the magic button for swimming that I didn’t know I needed. My reset. During a run my reset is walking. When my breathing feels out of control and my brain starts shouting […] more

A sunday short

We are going to try something. In the philosophy of “throw some stuff against the wall and see what sticks”…we are going to do a Sunday chat here on the blog. I’d like to imagine us sitting in my backyard in a casual get-together, beverage of choice in hand, around the fire pit, chatting about […] more

A Loco nailed it failed it (relay 2021)

I’ve been hooked on the Loco management races from the first race I ever did with them in 2018. They  consistently put on incredibly fun, affordable races that are also deceptively challenging. I feel so lucky that most of their races are less than 2 hours from my house. The races have smaller numbers of […] more

Race report: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait”

I guess I could have called this “Little Loco Solo Relay 2021.” But that title is so boring. Unlike the weather on Saturday. First, a reminder of how we got here. To this very moment I don’t know why I started the race optimistic that it was going to go well. My longest recent long run […] more

The need to not be needed

It’s been eight years since I’ve ridden across the start line of a 100 mile endurance race. When Tevis 2013 ended at 85 miles, I never imagined it would be more than a year or two before I visited Fransico’s in the middle of the night again. I loved the trail, the sport, and had […] more

The Long Run

What is your long run? Not just a long-ish run, but a LONG run. For me that is five hours, or runs longer than 20 miles. It’s where the *magic happens. *Did you know there are whole sections of the population that get no enjoyment out of exercising??????? Like, even if they do it for […] more

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