The Next Right Thing

Life likes to give me sabbaticals. Not the highly anticipated (and planned) I’m-getting-this-puppy-from-a-breeder-and-been-on-the-list-for-a-year type of sabbatical. Nope, they’re never of my choosing – an injury that sidelines me, or a medical diagnosis requiring treatment out-of-town. My sabbaticals are the skunk-sprayed, furry stray dog version that initially have you holding your nose and backing away…but, I’m […] more

Rocky Raccoon Nailed It, Failed It

I finish some races and have the story fully formed. Others, the lessons learned are the dominant force. This race was the latter. As a reminder, these are the more technical posts for the events – the how’s and why’s. They are reminders for me when I do future races, and perhaps nuggets of insights […] more

The truth about Rider Fit

Endurance Horse Podcast asked me to do a short piece on endurance riding and rider fitness. This blog post is meant as a companion to *my words in the podcast episode “Rider Health – Part 2.” Check it out, and if you found your way here through the podcast, welcome.  *I always always ALWAYS feel […] more

Rocky Raccoon 100 mile 2020

They gave me a 100k buckle.  Nope. That’s not how this post is going to start. let’s try again. I earned a 100k buckle.  How was that? Better? Now you know everything you need to know about the race last weekend. It means I both won and I failed, and that’s exactly what running an […] more

Don’t Be a Troll – Part 2

There’s homework for this post. Go read Mugwumps blog post “Don’t Should On Me,” and then run (quick quick!) over to Anna Blake’s blog and read “Free Advice: Everybody’s a Trainer.” Done? Think back to your last interaction in the horse world, whether that was a facebook group, show, ride, or barn evening. It doesn’t […] more

Not a Gift Guide 2019

Yeah, it’s late. But since these posts are not a gift buying guide, is it really seasonal? Or is it just an excuse for me to share the things that have made me really happy in the past year and you might need in your life too? Here’s the 2016, 2017, and 2018 versions of […] more

Don’t Be A Troll Part 1

I recently had a post on this blog go viral. Honestly, it took me by surprise. Here I’ve been, plugging away for over a decade, writing about things I’m passionate about, sharing some of my deepest darkest thoughts, and doing my best to entertain you – My Dear Reader – by poking fun at myself […] more

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