Yep, the crazy is still in there

After almost a year of no significant running…I’m running again. I guess I should say something trite here about how “good it feels” but….let’s be real. Long miles after a year mostly spend biking, swimming, and most runs less than 60 min? “Good” is not how I felt after pushing myself through an 18.5 mile […] more

There’s no magic (most of the time)

One of my intentions this month is to write 3-4 times a week. Most of the time I’m not inspired. Or the things that are floating to the top that want to be written about take too much emotional energy to give them life on the paper. How student loans have changed from a way […] more

Making the Future Different

I’m an overanalyzer, overthinker, lets-talk-it-to-death sort of person. You don’t say?  Well yes, I’ve been accused of it once or twice in my life. There’s a lot of draw backs to this. I’m constantly moderating myself in real life when I have to talk to real people that aren’t in my head (I’ve been talking […] more

Just Jump #2 (Cowards Strategy to Life Part 2)

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far. Coward’s strategy to life strategy #1 is to make a rational decision while not under pressure. Then wait until the perfect moment. Then, still in your “right” mind, say yes when the opportunity comes. When the fear sets in, bull doze ahead and just jump, knowing you made the […] more

Just Jump

Quitting my job to go back to school. Changing careers. Moving, Saying yes to something new and exciting and screaming “ABSOLUTELY YES,” with the immediate panicked follow up feeling of “Oh God, what have I done?” That’s what it feels like for me to step out of my comfort zone. Every single time. I’m very […] more

Book List 2020 (& 2019)

Usually I list the best books I read for the year at the end of my Not-a-Gift-Guide post. I promptly forgot to add it into the 2020 post, and then looked back and realized that my 2019 list wasn’t posted anywhere on the blog either!!! The horror! I had managed to ruin my brand new […] more

Not a Gift Guide 2020

Can you believe….I’m doing this post “on time” this year (ie prior to Xmas), AND it’s my fifth straight year in bringing you some of my favorite things? Me neither. First we start with what this post isn’t. As always, this isn’t a sponsored post. In fact, this blog doesn’t have sponsors. Except for an […] more

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