The Long Run

What is your long run? Not just a long-ish run, but a LONG run. For me that is five hours, or runs longer than 20 miles. It’s where the *magic happens. *Did you know there are whole sections of the population that get no enjoyment out of exercising??????? Like, even if they do it for […] more

ER What to Expect Part 3

When I first started these posts I thought it would be a quick, light-hearted look at behind the curtain of veterinary emergency medicine. Something I’m new at but quickly starting to recognize some patterns in. I’m realizing these posts aren’t going to be that simple. When I go to write about some of the items […] more

ER What to Expect Part 2

If you are just joining us, read the first part for explanations & disclaimers, important & not-so-important notes, and the philosophy of this post (because if you don’t, and you troll this post, don’t come whining to me when I don’t approve your comment.) Last time we covered exotics that are probably going to die, exotics […] more

What to expect when…you have to go to the vet ER

Growing up the thought of taking an animal to an ER was unfathomable. The first and only time I’ve had to take an animal to the ER was when I was an adult. Tess got attacked by another household dog as a puppy and her face and mouth was bleeding. She was screaming, I was […] more

Yep, the crazy is still in there

After almost a year of no significant running…I’m running again. I guess I should say something trite here about how “good it feels” but….let’s be real. Long miles after a year mostly spend biking, swimming, and most runs less than 60 min? “Good” is not how I felt after pushing myself through an 18.5 mile […] more

There’s no magic (most of the time)

One of my intentions this month is to write 3-4 times a week. Most of the time I’m not inspired. Or the things that are floating to the top that want to be written about take too much emotional energy to give them life on the paper. How student loans have changed from a way […] more

Making the Future Different

I’m an overanalyzer, overthinker, lets-talk-it-to-death sort of person. You don’t say?  Well yes, I’ve been accused of it once or twice in my life. There’s a lot of draw backs to this. I’m constantly moderating myself in real life when I have to talk to real people that aren’t in my head (I’ve been talking […] more

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