A job for the robots

On any given ER shift I have large number of dogs that have eaten things they shouldn’t have. In fact, I’m not sure small animal ER would even exist without the hoover capabilities of Fido. Aside from making dogs regret their life decisions and vomiting their ill-gotten gains, or going in surgically and playing the game of […] more

A Bee in my Bonnet (and other happenings)

Except even more horrifying, it was in my pants. What I learned in that moment is that I can remove my pants with my seat belt on in about 3 microseconds when properly motivated. Define properly motivated? How about definitively palpating an alive and moving bug at the level of the inside of my knee […] more

Watching between Fingers

“Do you want to come watch this?” I most definitely did not want to come watch anything. I definitely did not want to watch the smallest 7 year old in the world canter around on the most patient old polo mare in existence. Fig has been doing her best to convince me that it was […] more

A case for intro rides

“Look, she’s 24 years old and an Arab. If she keels over on you out there from an aneurysm it’s not your fault and she died happy.” It was meant to reassure my friend heading out for her first endurance-style ride on a horse she had never ridden, in a saddle she had never sat […] more

FB Hart Tournament

  If you are having trouble reading the panels, clicking on the picture should load a full size image of each page. Here’s a little more information about the FB Hart tournament from a press release that I wrote and submitted to our local newspaper. Because the event has passed, I’ve taken out some of […] more

Happy Fluffy Things

I named this post “Happy Fluffy Things”, sat down to write it, and realized after banging out 900 words that perhaps it wasn’t quite as fluffy as I had thought. But, I’m letting the title ride. (heh heh heh. “ride”) Looks like I get a second chance at *something again. You know Farley? That brown horse […] more

Panic is not a Plan

There’s this drill (and all variations of it) that I *bleeping* hate that apparently has some value in teaching me to play polo because it’s a favorite of one of the student instructors, who we are going to call “Boss.” Tag on horse back. Sometimes there’s ribbon in the mane of the other person that […] more

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