Not a Gift Guide 2020

Can you believe….I’m doing this post “on time” this year (ie prior to Xmas), AND it’s my fifth straight year in bringing you some of my favorite things? Me neither. First we start with what this post isn’t. As always, this isn’t a sponsored post. In fact, this blog doesn’t have sponsors. Except for an […] more

Frenchie versus Corolla

“They paid $4,000 for that Frenchie puppy.” “What! I paid $3,300 for my vet school commuting car.” “It was a special blue brindle color.” “Well, my car was a blue grey color. That’s sort of brindle.  How much do you wanna bet that my car probably required a lot less maintenance than that Frenchie will…” […] more

13 years of Farley

Thirteen Thanksgivings and she’s still here and so am I. That little brown horse is still trucking along and enjoying her retirement. I did get on her a couple months ago because a high schooler that rides at the barn was going to be needing some horses this winter to ride and Farley was offered […] more


I have this thing where I don’t realize I’m not OK until I get the thing back that was making everything OK that I didn’t realize was making it OK. My not-OK-ness usually manifests by me collapsing on the couch in the evenings, too apathetic to do anything important to me. Mind you, I don’t […] more

Apparently I adult by buying linens

If this was any year but this year, there’s a good chance I would be out running in the darkness right now. Rio Del Lago 2020 would have been today. I didn’t finish my 100 mile race in February, so likely I would need a qualifier with time running out. LIKE EVERY YEAR. With a […] more

Oh yeah, that’s broke

This is what your toe looks like when you slam the edge of a wooden table on your toes when standing on concrete. There was a lot of cussing. And yelling. No crying because it hurt too damn much. You know what I mean? I knew I had broken some toes, I just didn’t know […] more

If you can’t have goals, pick a project

It’s been a dismal year for most things related to my hobbies (except if you count cooking. Any year I figure out what dosas are and how to make them at home can hardly be categorized as fully a failure!), but my writing and time spent with the horses took the worst hit by far. Last month […] more

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