Vet myths

I’m writing a new book!!!! It’s in the early stages and I don’t know *exactly* what form it’s going to take…but it’s vetmed related. So, to celebrate I’m writing a post about the biggest myths I see every day in the clinic. Fleas People are personally offended when I tell them their pet has fleas. […] more

(Not so) Quick Guide to…Wound Management.

Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive article with all the background information needed to treat or evaluate wounds and I am not providing medical advice. This is simply here for your enjoyment and entertainment. These little guide to posts (yes, I hope that I’ll be doing more than one of these) have more holes than […] more

Vet Life Skillz

I wanna go to vet school! What classes/grades do I need, and can I come volunteer in your clinic for vet school experience???????? This is the second-most common work-related conversation in my life. Multiple times a day. All day. This is not a post about what classes to take and what extracurriculars to focus on. […] more

The lesson of the first domino

The problem is the time I have available for running, horses, and any of my other hobbies the-things-that-give-me-purpose-in-life is after dinner. Yes, that time in the day when I want to collapse on the couch after a long day of ER or surgery, after picking up the kid from school, and making dinner. Most days it’s […] more

I froze but then I thawed (like frozen things do in summer)

Yes, yet another post about polo. On Friday I was awarded the horsemanship award at the mini club tournament. The first thing I assumed was that there was some mistake. I had been *given* it because of *reasons* because there was no possible way I actually *earned* it. Around 10p, at a lull at my […] more

Absolutely mental

I can ride a horse. I can even ride horses that are not exactly beginner friendly horses. This has been independently verified by other people. You put a mallet in my hand and poof! I am quickly overwhelmed by everything.  What do I mean, “everything?” I mean everything. In a game, on a horse and holding […] more

The mare has opinions

Forget the child…it’s the horse getting older that I can’t get over. Farley is 24 years old. Yes, TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD 😳 as of this month. The child that lives in my house that is a biped human? Yeah, she’s six now and getting older, taller, and more awesome-er, but that’s to be expected. […] more

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