The Vetmed Dictionary

There are words that you think you know the definition for, and then you work in vetmed for a hot second and you realize that actually, when you finally get around to writing that book about veterinary medicine, you are going to have to use a metric ton of asterisks and footnotes so everyone is […] more

Not a gift guide 2022

This is the latest I’ve ever done of these definitely-not-a-gift-guide. But that’s okay, because since this is definitely not a gift guide, it doesn’t matter that it comes before, during, after, or no where near the holidays. For those of you that may be new to these posts, a few reminders. As always, this isn’t a […] more

The Human Lawn Dart

In January I had the worst fall I’ve ever had in over 20 years of riding. The kind of fall we all know is just one back luck ride away, but we all cross our fingers won’t happen at all. It’s taken me a while to figure out how and what I wanted to write […] more

A walk in the woods

Today after work I drove to a local trailhead instead of heading home and walked for 30 minutes in the woods. Letting perfection be the enemy of good is a huge problem for me. I all for “every little step counts” until I’m “advanced enough” that something is no longer worth doing unless it meats […] more

A Wig for Fig

Have you ever been known and defined by some inherent characteristic? The thing that marked you different from your peers? Often it’s a trait that you have no control over. Maybe it was glasses, or braces. Your body shape or size. For Fig it’s her hair. Look. I get it. Her hair by any objective measure […] more

2022 Book List Post

I read a lot of books in 2022, and as is our tradition here on the blog, it’s time to share my favorites with you. I rate every book I read on Goodreads ( in real time and you are welcome to follow me there if you want to see what I’m reading and recommending […] more

I had a bad ride

I had a bad ride this week. But it doesn’t make me a bad rider. That distinction has not always been clear in my mind. It has been brought to my attention recently that I am a perfectionist. No. Really. This is something I’ve *just learned* about myself. Please stop laughing and wipe those tears […] more

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