Buy Quality

If you buy quality, you only cry once.  Those would be the wise words of my mother when I was seized with paralyzed indecision over whether to buy a rated you-most-definitely-probably-won’t-die-if-you-fall-off-and-get-run-over-by-eight-horses-while-getting-beat-with-mallets-on-the-way-down helmet. Except…then I forgot that I hadn’t exactly told my husband how much it had cost at the time, just sort of laughed nervously […] more

Running. Again

I’ve been running twice….twice…this week. And once I get done working on this post this *morning, I’m going to lace up my shoes and run a third time. That beats any other week in February, January, or December. *this post was started last Friday After Burning River last July, I wrote about how I felt […] more

Polo, simplified

Until you are in a sport, it’s far too easy to simplify it to ridiculousness. We’ve talked about this before. Dressage is more than w/t/c perfect circles. Jumping is more than aiming your horse at the fence and getting a good release of your hands with your bum in the air, and let’s not even […] more

I don’t have words

I feel like I’ve lived a year in the last week. There were a lot of firsts. Friday was my first polo game. It was also my first time playing on grass. Arena and grass are the same and different. Longer checkers (the “periods” of a polo game), more players on the field and the […] more

The Tack Room Purge of 2021

Over ten years had passed since I last purged and cleaned the tack room. Ten years is a long time. But not quite long enough to forget what happened during the last Great Purge of 2011. I will never quite forgive myself for selling my favorite endurance saddle in some misguided attempt to pare down. […] more


Have you ever wanted to say three things all at once and didn’t know where to start? That’s exactly where I am this morning. Should I start with “She was happiest in movement,” and then write an Ode to Tess, transition to why I’m losing ML, and finally tie both of those losses together with […] more

A birthday chicken recipe

In the spirit of the day I’m going to share with you a chicken recipe I’ve been making the last couple of months. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s delicious, and it’s unfussy. It’s good enough for company, cheap enough for the tight weeks, and perfect for when your sink if full of dishes and you […] more

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