Being a vet isn’t all doom and gloom

I spend a lot of time telling people here and in real life why they should not be a vet. But…. I felt like was time to balance the scales a bit. The post I’ve been trying to write (for weeks!) is how awesome it is to be a vet. BEING A VET IS AWESOME!!!!! The […] more

Ask a vet: help me care about cardiac physiology

In a recent Instagram story I was asked by a vet student how to approach learning a subject that your brain just doesn’t care to learn about. I feel this question in my soul. It’s practically impossible for me to learn about something just because it’s being presented in lecture. I used to be able […] more

A new diagnosis (sorta), and a new sport

A month ago a friend said “we should do a cyclocross race!” Any reasonable person would have relabeled that particular contact in their pone as “Cyd@BadIdeaFriend,” but instead, being the entirely sane person I am, I immediately upgraded her status to @BadAssMF and said “where do I sign up?” Because, of course my hobbies are […] more

I’m never ever going to be a grown-up (vet)

(and that’s ok).  Going to vet school was a little bit like buying name brand clothes and thinking that was going to fix the reason I felt like such a mis-fit in my primary education years. As a very grown up child that didn’t fit in with her peers, it was a bit of a […] more

Summer Break

Everyone loves a good story. Almost everything around you that is consumed with your eyes and ears is a story. Stories are so important to our brains that our brains will edit our memories and experiences to be more consistent with the narrative that we tell about ourselves. Stories sell books, movies, and shows of […] more

Hoofbeats to my Heart

If you’ve been following me on instagram (@drmelnewton) you’ve already seen Katie, the pony that I bought Fig (and if we are being honest….myself). Driving down to meet her and drive her home was step one in a massive weekend’s worth of events. But the thing is, we all know that a good pony – […] more

Big Breath, Big Weekend

Let’s play a game.  How did Mel break her finger last night? Polo @Club chukkers last night. Doing something super cool like saving a dog from a speeding car. Doing laundry. Hitting my hand with a hammer after assuring Matt I most definitely knew how to use tools and did not need “help.” None of […] more

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