Monday Media Q: Eating under Saddle

Day 9

Here’s this week’s Monday Media Feature: “I’m wondering how you go about training your horse to eat on the trail only when you say it’s OK. I heard that when training an endurance horse, you should encourage it to eat, but now I’ve got a little guy who nose dives whenever we’re going slow and […] more

Just one more thing


Let me tell you the difference between running/blogging/riding prior to having a kid-let and after. It’s not the amount of time or energy I have. It’s how much closer I am to that “one last thing” that results in me getting nothing done. Anything that happens out of the ordinary pushes me back to the […] more

Feb 2017 IRL


Except for Black Canyon, I feel like February was a complete waste of my time (except some how I’m still going to manage to write 1600 words about it…). Being evacuated, evacuating Farley, a 10 day rest period after Black Canyon, it rained all the time, and a surprise 5-figure tax bill. Go ahead, ask me […] more

Black Canyon 100k 2017


I don’t have a clue where to start this story. At the last aid station when I told Ashley I had 2 hours to make the last 7 miles in the freezing, wind-driven rain and then I was going to die of hypothermia? Or do I describe how the mud and water running over the trail was […] more


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.56.32 AM

I won’t bore you with another recap of the Oroville Dam spillway fiasco except to say that I, like most people in the area, were aware of the issues and were keeping close tabs on the information.  For days we were being told that everything was just dandy, and even as many things turned out to […] more


For those of you that know that I live in Yuba City and have been watching the news, my family and I and most of the animals are in the process of evacuating. Only the bird is staying. This evacuation order literally came out of the blue as if it wasn’t for the danger of […] more

My annual February post

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 4.35.19 PM

The world is AWFUL and I’m never doing anything again because the world/weather/darkness is going to be here FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER and what was I thinking calling myself a runner, and all the horses should obviously be sold because they are never going to be ridden again…… …So begins the self-wallowing pit of misery […] more

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