WS100 Pacing Lessons Learned

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Two years ago I was hugely pregnant dreaming on my first 100 miler, watching the runners go through Foresthill with Lucy while trying not to feel like a has-been runner. That year Lucy and I met someone named E* who was crewing for her friend J* and we jumped at the chance to help out. He finished, […] more

Putting Humpty-Dumpty back together

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For the last 10 years this is what Farley’s right hind has looked like. The picture was taken from this post on my trimming method, because as you will see, it no longer looks like this. Specifically, the medial (inside) heel which is on the left of the picture. See how in the picture you can […] more

Observations from the vet line


Last weekend I had the pleasure of vetting another endurance ride. I would be hard pressed to decide what I enjoyed more – vetting or riding. Both are rewarding, hard work, long days, and come with lessons learned. Oh yes, I learn as much from working the vet line all day as I do out […] more

A question of risk


On Facebook someone shared a video of an Olympic marathoner staggering, falling, getting up, and crawling to the finish line. Words like “iconic”, “tough”, and “determined” were attached to the video and as I watched it, tears formed. So now you know my secret. I cry like a baby at race finish videos, no uplifting […] more

May 2017 IRL

I CAN’T get 3 runs a week in for ANYTHING. 2 runs, fine. 2 runs AND 2 rides?  Fine. Just GOING OUT THE DOOR to make that 3rd run happen whenever? Nope nope nope. No can do. *sigh* It’s officially summer here with 100 degree days, early morning light….and an occasional rain shower…WHAT???????? Rain during […] more

Trail Guide Part 3

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Trails featured in this post: Steven’s Trail, off I-80 near Colfax Sterling Pointe, Folsom Lake area Lake Oroville trailheads A master list of all the trails featured in “Trail Guide” posts can be found here. Stevens Trail Free parking (BLM land) Runners (horses aren’t prohibited…but good luck to you if you try it o_O) Out […] more

Dear Fellow Back-of-the-packer

Dear Fellow Back-of-the-packer, You and I get to hang out at every ultra. Sometimes I find out that you are there because you are battling injuries, or because you have an awesome streak going and this is your 100th 100 miler in 100 weekends (I made that up). Or sometimes you are just like me […] more

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