Dear Greenbean

Hey you, trying to get your horse up to a trail ride of double digits for the first time. Yes, you in the corner who did a long ride last weekend in the stunning time of…3 mph. Do you feel an eternity away from the miles and pace of an endurance ride? I’m here to […] more

Fortunately ML’s problem was also fixable

Unfortunately, it required abdominal surgery and eight weeks off after getting tuned up at Amber’s for three months. Fortunately we caught the problem REALLY early, something I probably wouldn’t have caught for a while (years?) because unlike Amber, I don’t see and interact with her daily. What was this thing? A granulosa theca cell tumor. […] more

Unfortunately….Farley had a massive hoof abscess

Fortunately she’s sound again! Unfortunately it *only* took 4 months. The day I sent MerryLegs to Amber (our Trainer-extraordinaire) the first week of May, Farley was lame. If I’m being quite honest, the last five years have been shit. But I had some how thought this was the point it all turned around because I’m […] more

Reader Question: Crewing

If you were crewing for me at a run, I would send you my Crew Document. This is a the “Bible” of crewing the running Mel. Along with race specific information in the beginning (which you can see in the screenshot), the remainder of the document is crewing advice and needs based on experience and […] more

Tahoe 3×3 Lessons Learned

Am I a nerd if I love 3×3 posts better than the actual event stories? The best advice for improving the next run or ride is choose the three best and worst things that happened during this one. If you, Dear Reader, are going through my blog looking for the gold nuggets to apply to […] more

….and now I’m on crutches (aka “Tahoe 100 mile run”)

It wasn’t enough that MerryLegs has a granulosa theca cell tumor┬áthat will require surgery soon. Or that Farley had a huge subsolar abscess that took 2 1/2 months for her to be sound.     Or that when doing wet exits last weekend (week prior to race) from my kayak there were…ummm….some difficulties. Or that […] more

I gave up caffeine and this is what happened

Almost 3 weeks ago I poured myself a cup of half-caf coffee, drank half of it, and then said “Damnit!” loud enough that the little one glared at me for interrupting her precious Saturday morning cartoons. It was the day I was supposed to start my 4 week no-caffeine binge prior to Tahoe. When you […] more

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