Reader Question – “be brutally honest!”

So my friend wants me to run a 1/2 marathon with her in 7 months…the farther I’ve ever run was 7.5 miles like ohhhh 10 years ago, and I’m not running at all at present. In your opinion as a runner, is this doable or a really bad idea?? Feel free to be brutally honest! […] more


First pain-free “real” run in SIX MONTHS. Not a short easy run trying to avoid anything that might piss off my hip. Not a “felt OK during run but paid for it the next 24 hours”. I ran technical trails at a reasonable effort for 1 1/2 hours completely pain-free, continued to live my life […] more

I’m Back!!!!!!

A couple weeks ago I sat down to work on a book (yep, a sequel to the first Bar Napkin Book) and my battery started draining FAST. OK, whatever. It’s a seven year old laptop, the battery isn’t what it used to be. But then, DISASTER. The charger didn’t work. I had SECONDS to desperately […] more

Post #1622

If there’s one truth I’ve learned about myself in the last 5 years, it is that I am resilient and tenacious. I know that terms like “grit” and “resilience” are all the rage right now. How you can develop more. How to develop it in your kids. Whether it is the *it* factor that determines […] more

Winter 2017-2018 IRL

Can you believe winter is over? Can you believe that I’m actually saying that? It’s true. This winter came and went like a blink, in part because the weather was so mild as compared to the last couple of years. But, some of my strategies of winter prep this year also had something to do […] more

Book Annoucement

I am Orvetta Black. As promised in my sabbatical post, I’m letting you know that my very first book is published! (even though it has nothing to do with vetmed, running, or horses). I’m proud of it but I’m also scared of what people I know and care about will think (that includes you Dear […] more

Changing Herd Dynamics

Something very interesting is happening to the herd dynamics of my little 2 pony herd. Farley has always been the boss mare over ML. Consistently keeping her little baby (and then teenage) attitude in check, never letting her get away with anything, always fairly and consistently enforcing the rules. And always with the right amount […] more

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