Tahoe Rim 50 mile run

Three weeks ago I got an email letting me know that after MONTHS of being #14 on the wait list, I had a spot in the Tahoe 50 mile trail run if I wanted it. HELLZ YES!!!!!!! Because getting into a bucket race 3 weeks prior gives me plenty of time to train, acclimate to […] more

There’s a Massacre in my future

…And I’m not talking about the outcome of this weekend’s race at Tahoe. For the love of everything KEEP ME OFF OF ULTRASIGNUP. Around the time that I got off the wait list for the Tahoe 50 mile run….my slippery fingers went “oops” while accepting Tahoe’s event offer and I signed up for something I […] more

Farley Hoof update

                                        Hind shoes go on this afternoon. Right now it’s a waiting game of when the site will re-epithelialize and “harden” up. Then she can go back to work! more

War wraps, Diapers, & Duct Tape

The instructions were to wrap Farley in a ball (or “bell”) bandage every couple of days for three¬†weeks to protect and support the tissue of her heel while it was squishy and oozy. There’s variation on any bandage (welcome to the grey areas of medicine), but in general for a ball bandage going on the […] more

June 2017 IRL

Welcome to the season of alternative plans. I’m going to do ABC, I mean XYX, I mean MNOP, I mean nothing. No actually I’ll spend money on surgery instead, or a bucket race, or perhaps this will be the season I focus on Farley, oops I mean running, oops I mean getting miles on MerryLegs. […] more

A walk in the park?

I arrived home completely soaked with sweat. And with a blister on my heel. And the balls of my feet so painful I couldn’t walk barefoot on my hardwood floors. I’m sure you are waiting with bated breath to find out what new tortuous ultrarunning workout I had just performed. Here you go. : :: […] more

…And all the kings horses couldn’t put it back together again

….So we had to have surgery. Here’s part 1 of the story.¬† The Adhere patch was placed on Tuesday, and by Friday it had failed and the hoof flap had further destabilized. After much angsting and debating and scheming I faced the facts. I could stabilize the flap inside of a glue on boot and […] more

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