There’s a blister on my ladybits and other stories from Loco100k

“You want me to check WHAT?” my husband looked at me incredulously. Now is probably the time to reiterate that my husband is not an ultrarunner, not a runner, and not interested in how far the limits of a human body can be pushed. Unfortunately he is married to a person who is. “I hate […] more

Toddler Backpacking

  Yes, me and the child shared that one person tent for a night, on her first backpacking trip! She’s 2 1/2 years old, almost 30 pounds, and had gotten through a technical two mile day hike (albeit slowly) on her own two feet, so I decided it was time. I had agreed to take […] more

Mendocino 50k Race Sweep 3×3

The first race of the season wasn’t really a “race”. I was invited to sweep the Mendocino Ultra 50k with my friend Cyd! (Yes, the Cyd of the river adventure…) I’ve never gotten to sweep a race, but I’ve always wanted to. It’s one of the best volunteer jobs. A sweep runner is deliberately last […] more

The Bonk Post

I went for an awesome 20 mile run on Sunday with a friend (see the pics on the facebook page) and had the easiest/best/fabulous 20 mile training run EVER. My friend, unfortunately, did not. In fact, she spent the last hour in a pretty serious “bonk”. After she started talking to me again (she probably […] more

This is not Goodbye.

I  swear, this is not goodbye. This is me admitting that my time here on the blog is changing and it’s time to face up to that. After more than nine continuous years of blogging, today I’m finding myself with not much to say on a daily or weekly basis. Oh trust me, I’m not […] more

Reader Question – “be brutally honest!”

So my friend wants me to run a 1/2 marathon with her in 7 months…the farther I’ve ever run was 7.5 miles like ohhhh 10 years ago, and I’m not running at all at present. In your opinion as a runner, is this doable or a really bad idea?? Feel free to be brutally honest! […] more


First pain-free “real” run in SIX MONTHS. Not a short easy run trying to avoid anything that might piss off my hip. Not a “felt OK during run but paid for it the next 24 hours”. I ran technical trails at a reasonable effort for 1 1/2 hours completely pain-free, continued to live my life […] more

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